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Where are my pictures?
Photo galleries are grouped by school. Click the "Home" button above and select your school from the list to locate the gallery. If you are looking for Senior Portraits that were taken in the studio please click "Order my 2014 Senior Portraits" button.

How can I find my student?
Select galleries (Spring Portraits and Graduation Ceremonies) can be searched by your student's last name. Once in the gallery click the "search by last name" button in the upper right corner and enter your student's last name.

Will the pictures I select stay in my shopping cart?
Yes. Your pictures will stay in your shopping cart until you either place the order or delete them yourself.

I can't seem to log in.
Log in information is case sensitive, be sure you have entered it correctly. If you have forgotten your password, click on the forgot password link on the login screen.

I have been sent access information for a gallery, what do I do?
Click the link. Enter in the access code on that page (if applicable). If you have an account and are logged in, then you will only have to do this once and this gallery will be listing in My Pictures.

I have selected a package but when I go to check out it says 0 poses selected?
No problem, simply return to the gallery and select your pose from the thumbnails or by searching. Once viewing the desired pose you will be a "+" sign above the preview with the words "Add this image to package". Click the plus sign then select "add to package" from the pop-up window.